Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Seba’s Diversity Video Platform

Seba’s Diversity Video Platform is a service in subscription form that provides subscribers access to online videos and cardgames / materials. This service is offered to you by Seba cultuurmanagement bv, a Dutch private company with limited liability. The use of this service is subject to these terms of service. ‘Service’ means: watching and working Seba’s Diversity Video content including all functions, the website and the user interfaces.

A. Subscription.
If you want to use the service of Seba’s Diversity Video Platform, you need internet access and a compatible device.
There are two forms of subscription, Individual Trainer en Organisational Trainers.
Individual Trainer: is a subscription of an individual user.
Organisational Trainers: is a subscription of an organisation for several users. The organisation is responsible and liable for all actions or omissions of its users in relation to the terms of service as mentioned here and guarantees that its users abide by and act according to these terms of service. The amount of users of an Organisational Trainers does not exceed the amount of users that subscription has been paid for. Users have a unique identifiable address, with the extension of the Organisational Trainers.
The duration of a subscription period is one year, with automatic renewal of always a year. Specific details regarding the form and period of your membership can be found on the invoice of your subscription.

B. Billing and ending subscription
Individual Trainers get access after payment of the bill they received, unless agreed otherwise in writing (via email). For Organisational Trainers a term of payment of 14 days conform article 9 of Seba’s General Terms of Service with the possibility of suspension of the service in the absence of timely payment.
You can end your subscription any time. After you ended your subscription, you keep access tot he service until the end of the subscription period paid for. As far as allowed under the applicable law, payments are not refunded and Seba offers no repayment or credit for partial subscription periods. To end your subscription, send your email to info@diversityvideo.eu. When you end your subscription, your account will be closed automatically at the end of your current subsciption period.
Seba can change the subscriptions and the price of the service periodically. However such changes apply only after the already convened period of subscription.

C. Seba’s Diversity Video Service
Seba’s Diversity Video service and all content that is watched via this service, are for personal use only. During their subscribership the Individual or Organisational Trainers will be granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use Seba’s Diversity Video service and watch content. Apart from this limited license, Seba does not transfer any right, ownership or interest to you.
By agreeing to grant such license, Seba does not obligate itself to maintain the Diversity Video Service in its present form. Seba may upgrade, modify, change or enhance the service and convert subscribers to a new version thereof at any time in its sole discretion, to the extent that this is not detrimental to the Subscriber’s use of the service and on reasonable prior notice to the subscribers (unless the change is of critical business importance or outside Seba’s control, in which case Seba will explain the reason for the changes as soon as is reasonably practicable).
You agree to use Seba’s Diversity Video service, including all related features and functions, in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. For the content and information that is included in or obtained from or via Seba’s Diversity Video service you agree not to archive, multiply, distribute, change, publish, sublicense, sublicense, sell, use or modify the whole or any component thereof or make any derived works. You also agree not to avoid, delete, alter, deactivate, limit or hinder the content protection of Seba’s Diversity Video service; not to use robots, spiders, scrapers or any other automated means to get access to Seba’s Diversity Video service; not to decompile, to submit to reverse-engineering or disassemble software or other products or processes that are accessible throught this service; not to insert in any way code or products or to manipulate the content of this service; and not to use any method for datamining, datagathering or dataextraction. Seba can end or limit your use of this service if you violate these terms of service or if you use the service in an illegal or fraudulent way.
The start-up and image quality of Seba’s Diversity Video content can differ per device and is influences by many factors such as your location, the available bandwith and/or the speed of your internet connection.

D. Passwords and access to account
As subscriber of Seba’s Diversity Video Platform you own your account and you are responsible for the access, control and confidentiality of your account. In order to maintain control of the account and to prevent others from gaining access to the account, the Account Owner may not and will not disclose the password and the data associated with the account to anyone and keep it confidential. You are responsible for the accuracy of the information that you provide to Seba in relation to your account and to update it where necessary. Seba can end your accound or temporarily block it to protect you or Seba’s Diversity Video Platform from identity theft and other fraudulent activities.

E. Copyright and intellectual property
All of the content that is obtained and provided through Seba’s Diversity Video Platform such as image, text, graphic design, buttons-icons, audio-clips, digital downloads, are owned by Seba cultuurmanagement bv or third parties and are protected under copyright and intellectual property. It is not allowed to use the whole or parts of this content in relation to a product or service that is not owned by Seba in such a way that there may be ambiguity about property or that it puts Seba in an unfavorable light or discredits the company.

F. Diverse
These Terms of Service shall be construed and governed by the laws of the Netherlands.

Part of the General terms of service of Seba cultuurmanagement bv, deposed at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam under number 33289390. Translated from Dutch. In case of misunderstanding, the Dutch version applies. Read the Dutch version here.