7 february 2022: Video Diversity in Teams completely updated. As effective as ever with very pleasant scenery and sound! See our new demo to learn more about it.

7 april 2020: Listen & Learn online.
De 30 Listen & Learn Diversity Flash Cards zijn er nu ook als online spel (in het Nederlands). Je kunt je daarop abonneren voor € 15,- per jaar. Meer info op de Subscriptions pagina.

New video Managing Diversity

After the videos Diversity in Teams and Diversity Competence, we provide managers with a great learning video! Managing Diversity has been published in september…
This means you can now work with our videos (or even better – have others work with them) at three levels:



1.the individual level, the level of the personal competences needed to be successful in a diverse workplace;



2. the team level, the dynamics of group diversity and what team members can do to turn their team in an inclusive and effective group;


news3. the management level, what managers can do to recognize, identify and address diversity and the dynamics of diversity in their work and, very important: how they can take action based on the benefits of diversity.


Training materials to combine with these videos can be found in our Diversity Shop, click on the language you are looking for to find German, English and Dutch materials.