Diversity Video is about learning,  discovering and having fun. Diversity & inclusion are great themes to work with! We are always interested to hear about your learning experiences, questions, ideas: mail us via info@diversityvideo.eu and we will answer. We are not permanently available via phone but you can try +31 20 6820255.

Our languages
Contact us in English, German, Dutch and French. Our videos are (until now) in English, German and Dutch. We can develop the videos in more languages.

Our location
We share our location with Seba, an Amsterdam based company (1997) specialized in diversity & inclusion. Our main experience lies in the Netherlands and Germany. We also worked in Belgium, Denmark, the UK, Jordan, Malawi, Marocco, Tunisia; moreover we helt presentations in Austria, China, Poland, the USA.
Our videos apply to many contexts and do not depend on country, culture, gender, religion and the like.

Our materials
Some of the videos come with ready-to-use materials. For example The Champagne Pool (EN, NL) goes with the Diversity in Teams video and the Makeda game (DE, EN, NL) with the Diversity Competence video. For English materials, see www.diversityshop.eu, for German www.diversityshop.de and for Dutch www.diversityshop.nl.

Our Terms of Service
The Diversity Video Platform is a service in subscription form that provides subscribers access to interactive online videos. The use of this service is subject to the following terms of service, part of the general terms of service of Seba cultuurmanagement bv, deposed at the Chamber of Commerce under number 33289390. The terms of service are translated from Dutch. In case of misunderstanding, the Dutch version applies. Read the Dutch version here.

Address Diversity Video:
Nova Zemblastraat 89 – 1013 RJ Amsterdam – The Netherlands