Diversity Video is expert in the field of diversity management & inclusion in organisations. This platform is based on 20+ years of experience.

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1. Diversity in teams - about the working of team dynamics
2. Diversity competence - what to do to be really good at it
3. Managing diversity - all about leadership insights and skills

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1. Listen & Learn Diversity Flashcards

The Diversity Video Platform

Short introduction to the video Diversity in Teams as an example of what you can expect. More info on other pages of this site.

Make the most of differences! Diversity Video offers the best team exercises for a hands-on approach to deal with differences effectively. Of course it can happen that team members may be faced with limitations but if they can laugh about them together, it will work out fine in the end. The team improves its skills for cooperating in diverse teams with diverse customers and finds a way to make the most of their differences.

Grethe van Geffen Grethe van Geffen
Diversity Video
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